The Christmas season can get a little hectic with all the activities going on. This video has some great ideas that will not only save you time but money as well.

In this video you'll learn some easy holiday tricks including:

1. Last minute wrapping paper idea.
2. Make an easy clip to keep wrapping paper on its roll.
3. An easy way to fold your Christmas letters and mail them without envelopes.
4. How to make holiday-shaped pancakes.
5. Easy way to mark the edge of a roll of tape.
6. Great and easy way to frost your Christmas cookies. This is great for kids.
7. Christmas light saver and storage.
8. How to make a cup of hot chocolate look gourmet with an easy way to make shaved chocolate.
9. A creative and cheap way to make Thank You cards.
10. Give your home the scent of a real Christmas tree.