Generally a maximum of 1 hour response time.
They work will all insurance companies.

  • Busted Water Heater?
  • Broken Pipe?
  • Clean/Dirty water from the toilet?
  • Dishwasher/ Washing Machine leak?
  • Rising Water from outside?
  • Leaking roof?
  • A/C Leak?

Water Water Everywhere? 24 Hour Emergency Water Extraction!

Grogan Clean Care uses the latest drying equipment and techniques on the market today. Their goal is to return your property to pre-loss condition in the very shortest time possible, and to do this with the least possible disruption to your home or office. They do this with technicians that are highly trained both in the field and in the classroom.

Over the years they have dried commercial buildings, residential homes, universities, historical homes, gymnasiums, and much more.

Let them prove to you how our brand of drying far surpasses the competition by thoroughly drying your structure while causing minimal or no damage to the structure and contents.