Sunday night at 10:30pm I received a telemarketing call from Promark Research, they were apparently trying to gather information for a last minute client, but I took issue that this company had the nerve to call my house at 10:30PM on a SUNDAY NIGHT!

Usually I would let something like this slide and not worry about it, but I wanted to contact the company and let them know how upset I was about their company's unnecessary disturbance to my family on a Sunday night. I got the name and number of the company from the supervisor on the call Sunday night and I called their office Monday morning.

When I called, I apparently got the only person in the building that morning because the lady that answered the phone said she was the human resources director and couldn't help me. I told her that I would try back, which I did again around 2:30p Monday afternoon and when I told her I'd like to talk to the person in charge of the call center, she said there was no one there to help me and that she was the receptionist and remembered talking to me earlier in the morning.

Well, that's when I caught her in her lie and told her, "That's pretty funny that you are the only person working for this company and no one else is in. Earlier when I called you said you were the human resources manager and now all of a sudden you are just the receptionist. So which are you, human resources or receptionist?"

She replied to me, "Just leave me your name and number and I'll have someone call you back."

I told her, "Like I said earlier, I don't want to leave a name and number - I want to talk to someone about your company."

And then she hung up on me.

Well a couple of days has gone by and I decided to try again, that's the persistent side of me coming out! This is what I was greeted with when I called Promark Research based in Houston again.

This makes me think the whole national "Do Not Call List" is a joke! If my number is on the list (which it is) and companies like this can call me at 10:30 at night there is no way to track them down because they can just change their number anytime and move cities and continue disrupting households across America.