Living in the Lufkin or Nacogdoches area doesn't mean that there aren't lit things to buy.  Here is what Gen Z thinks is lit, you could go pick some up today. I did.

Here's the video that inspired me to write this post.


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    Nike Shoes

    Shoes are the currency of life with Gen Z teens. If you have to wear a school uniform, the only way you can assert your social status is to wear the most expensive basketball shoes you can find. My son and I fell victim to this trend. After $300 + with matching socks, we are now most def lit. Head to the mall and spend your check.

    Dan Patrick Photos
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    You have to stay up on trends. These things are taking East Texas by storm. This time last year, I heard about them starting to take off. But now they are a full blown trend. I have one that is $50 at Fidgets For Focus, and my son has 3-5 from them. If your spinner looks cool, and spins longer than anyone else, you are indeed lit.

    TSM Lufkin
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    You Tube

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    The new DJ Khaled is lit. It dropped over the weekend, and before I could even download it and play it on the air, my son wore it out on me this weekend. The key is to have a bunch of people on the track. Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne, and Quavoq. Yes it took 5 grown men to make this one track. It is lit.

    TSM Lufkin
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    Video Games

    If you don't know what a 360 no scope is, then you are mos def not lit. I mean at least you know what a pixel gun is right? No? Well you need to get into some new video games. Call of Duty and Minecraft are great, but you would rather watch YouTube Videos of other people playing these games.

    Lame XBox 360