I used to live up north - I moved to Central Indiana when I was nine and have just recently moved back to Texas at age twenty-six. Living up North gives you a true feel for just how bitterly cold "Old Man Winter" can be. So since I grew up learning how to battle the cold I thought I might share some tips I've learned along the way with all of my native Texans.

Fawn Zion

1. Is it slightly chilly in your home? Make sure ALL your windows, doors, garage doors and fireplace are closed and tightly sealed. Take a small blanket or towel, roll it up and wedge along the bottom of the door.

2. Close the blinds! It doesn't sound like much but it really helps!

3. You're probably going to want water for things such as drinking and bathing tomorrow! You better make sure those pipes don't freeze - leave a STEADY STREAM of water running throughout the night. If you leave the water only trickling out, there's a good chance there won't be enough pressure to keep the pipes from freezing!

4. For those of you who ignored number 3 and ended up with frozen pipes or for those of you that just want a little added comfort, leave the cabinet doors under your sinks open. This will allow more warm air to circulate and reach the pipes below, which prevents freezing as well as de-thawing frozen pipes!

Fawn Zion

5. Turning up that thermostat wont always help! There does come a point when turning the thermostat up won't help make your home any warmer; it's just too cold outside! Also, the lower the interior temperature, the slower the heat loss. In other words: cranking up that heater may only make your home lose heat faster!

6. You should remember that just like in the hottest days of summer, on the coldest days of winter everyone is running their heat and we should try and conserve our energy. Turn off any unnecessary appliances or lights in rooms you're not occupying. The last thing you want is to freeze your tails off because someone blew a transformer!

Fawn Zion

7. Layer, Layer, Layer! It's not about having the thickest jacket or what type of material it's made from, it's about layering, especially if you plan on playing in snowy weather! Also, if you have kids and find yourself having an unexpected snow day  and you realize that you don't have any gloves, use socks in multiple layers! It's a completely practical way to play in the snow and not lose all your fingers to frostbite!

8. Don't forget your four-legged children! If it's to cold out for you, it's too cold out for them! Please make sure and bring all your pets indoors!

Fawn Zion

Can you think of any other good winter tips? Share them below!