Wow! Have you heard about this? A father in North Carolina found a facebook post by his 15 year old daughter that complained (in some rather expressive language) about having to do her chores.

This Dad got his revenge by posting a video response on YouTube. In the video, the father, Tommy Jordan reads a Facebook post by daughter Hannah, then he destroys her laptop! The video is kinda long but the father obviously had something to say.

If you watch the first couple of minutes you'll get the gist of the video. Then be sure to go to the 7 minute mark to see what this father does! I'll tell ya right now, if I had EVER done anything like that to my parents...I wouldn't be here! Just sayin'!

(Just a warning! This video has some curse words, So please keep little ears covered!)

What is the most dramatic thing you've ever done with your teen's computer or cell phone after they broke the rules?