Today is International Waffle Day! It seems that the waffle has been around since the middle ages! They've been around so long, because they are SO GOOD!

I like Pancakes, but I LOVE waffles!!

The history of the waffle goes way back! According to

The waffles we know today were actually born in the Middle Ages. Waffles were cooked over a fire using two metal plates with wooden handles. The plates often had the familiar grid pattern we know today, but some waffles had fancier designs – a coat of arms, a landscape, etc. Waffles were so popular that they were even sold from street carts.

The word "waffle" is Dutch for "wafer". On a trip to France, Thomas Jefferson tried waffles and liked them so much he brought back a waffle iron! He started a fad of "waffle parties".

There are a ton of great waffle recipes too!