It's the season to be scared, but it's also the season of lots of decorations. It's getting more and more popular to put up lights on your house for Halloween and then sync the lights to music.

Yeah, they aren't just for Christmas anymore. Here's a great one. This house is in Riverside, Calif., and they used a lot of lights. The lights are synced with the song "Ghostbusters" from Ray Parker Jr.

Watch it all the way through because the light show is really something to see. If you're thinking about attempting a light show like this, it takes quite a bit of equipment and imagination to pull this off. Some of the equipment used is listed as: four singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods, two Matrix boards and thousands of lights. All RGB LED except for the faces, floods and a few light strings. E1.31 DMX and LOR driven. 8000+ channels. Oh, and a BIG imagination.