Tsk tsk — someone has been a bad, bad girl! Adele has been spotted smoking even though she committed to quit after having a benign polyp removed from her vocal cords at the end of last year. Adele was not psyched at all about giving up her bad habit, since she expressed such joy over it, but she resigned herself to becoming a non-smoker as it was better for her voice. However, she’s fallen off the wagon on which she never wanted to be in the first place!

Fit Perez reports that the singer was seen smoking after dinner at Bobby Rubino’s in Pompano Beach, Fla. with her (married but separated) boyfriend Simon Konecki. A source said Adele was seen smoking post-dinner, and she was also caught lighting up across the pond while being transported in a car in her native England.

Smoking is quite a no-no after throat surgery. Adele’s throat is her money maker and it’s in a delicate condition, so smoking is certainly an irritant which could hamper healing and cause her to cancel more tour dates. Let’s hope Adele had a moment of weakness, suffered a nicotine fit and lapsed back into smoking only briefly and ultimately realized the error of her ways. We’re sure she’ll find her way back on the wagon — maybe she could grab some nicotine gum or a patch to make things easier on herself.