Like the rest of East and North Texas, I've been watching the Rangers in the World Series and we'll be watching them again tomorrow night and hopefully win it all! But did you happen to catch the promo for American Idol during Game 4 Sunday night on Fox? It shows the judges leading hopefuls out of the neighborhoods to the theatre where the auditions are being held. More after the jump.

There's no silly auditions just scenes of a garage band, people playing music, people dropping what they are doing, leaving jobs and simply following Randy, Jennifer, Steven and Ryan while a song is playing and then Ryan stops in front of the theatre and asks the followers,

"Are you ready?"

And then leads them into the auditions. Idol is set to return January 22nd on Fox and with shows like X-Factor, The Voice, the Sing Off, do you think American Idol has lost some of it's luster or will it return and remain the ultimate singing competition show?