These days, there are a lot of different characters on TV spoon-feeding us current events, but it looks like there’s one face in particular that America likes hearing them from more.

Harris Interactive asked 2,016 adults to name their three favorite news personalities and the number one who topped the list was…

… Diane Sawyer. Twenty-five percent of the respondents chose the current anchor for ABC World News. Anderson Cooper (21 percent), Brian Williams (20 percent), Bill O’Reilly (15 percent) and Barbara Walters (13 percent) rounded out the top five.

When it comes to folks’ least favorite news personalities, Rush Limbaugh was the runaway winner at 46 percent, with Bill O’Reilly (31 percent) and Nancy Grace (23 percent) also drawing significant ire. As for golden girl Sawyer, only five percent of respondents put her on their least favorite list.

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