Just about all of us love Christmas for one reason or another and Avril Lavigne is no different because she's been preparing for it since December 1st and looking forward to giving her grandmother what she asked for for Christmas.

Vh1 Radio asked her about decorating for the holidays

When it comes to gift giving, she could buy just about anything for her family but she says her grandmother requests something that doesn't cost her anything -- a bottle of her signature perfume!

My grandma loves my fragrances, so I always give them. She asks for them for Christmas. She's like, 'I'll have some Black Star, if yo uhave any.' I'm like, 'OK sure, don't buy it. I'll get it for you!" (ABC Radio News)

Earlier this week Avril gave Chris Rene, a contestant on the X Factor, a very cool Christmas gift - performing her hit "Complicated" with him on the season finale this past Wednesday. Unfortunately he didn't go on to win the competition.

Meanwhile Avril is in the studio working on a new album for Epic Records but no word on when it will be available. Below you can check out her performance with Chris from the X Factor and her latest video for "Wish You Were Here".