Computers are a way of life at work and at home. I always find it funny when someone shows me a simple shortcut that I never about before.I can't help but think, "Why didn't I know about that?" "Why did it take so long for me to find that out?"

Here is a great video that show us some really good and easy shortcuts for Windows. Okay, yes I know "shortcuts" are supposed to be easy that's why they call them "shortcuts."

In this video you learn these cool tricks:

1. Quickly Minimize to Desktop
2. Reopen a closed tab in your web browser
3. Paste text without formatting
4. Quickly SNAP windows to the side
5. Instant Screenshot to a file
6. Quickly Lock your PC
7. Copy a file with a click
8. Delete entire words instead of just letters
9. How to instantly magnify your screen
10. Quickly access your Hard Drives