In anticipation of the new Batman movie coming out this Friday night, we rented “Batman Begins” on demand from Suddenlink tonight.  Got about 10 min in and “the daughter” (she had never seen it) had to go take a shower, so I am waiting and I thought I would let you know about something cool going on at Carmike Cinemas this Thursday night.

The new Batman movie ‘The Dark Night Rises’ is premiering this Thursday night at the Carmike Cinema’s in Lufkin and Nacogdoches at 12:01am (Friday morning/Thursday Night to be exact…).  But if you want a real treat, don’t pop in the DVD or rent the last two Batman movies on demand like I did!

They are having a Dark Night Marathon at the Lufkin Carmike.  Starting at 6:30pm, you can see Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Night Rises for only $25.  The regular midnight showing of just the one movie is 15 dollars, so this is a pretty good deal.  Hope to see you there!

Now to set the mood here is the trailer for the new movie: