The criminals never stop thinking do they?  Always looking for an easy buck while targeting innocent humans simply trying to follow the law.

According to the Texas Attorney General’s office, the latest scam striking Nacogdoches County ”claims that Americans can get federal assistance to help cover the cost of their utility bills”.

Here’s some sound advice to follow:

(1) You should never allow anyone into their homes to check natural gas, wiring, or appliances unless an appointment has ben scheduled.  All utility reps should present proper identification.

(2) You should never respond to  high pressure demands over the telephone.  Hang up immediately and contact the utility company in question to get the reall scoop.

(3) You should never provide your Social Security Number, bank accounts, or credit card numbers to unsolicited callers.

I realize you have heard of these precautions many times before this, but if you don’t pay attention to the flight attendant announcements prior to take-off, you may not know how to inflate your life vest and use your seat as a flotation device in the event of a water emergency.