I think a lot of us were sad to hear the news of Big Tex catching on fire Friday. He's been a Texas icon for 60 years, but since they will rebuilt him I have a suggestion! Make him young again!!

I didn't like all the wrinkles and gray hair they gave him. How about you? Do you think that just because Big Tex was getting older, he should have looked older? Mickey Mouse is 84. Barbie is 53. They haven't gotten older, so why should Big Tex?

Below are some pictures of Big Tex, take a look below and then take our poll.

This is a pic of Big Tex in 1962. Love the men peeking out of his shirt!


Below is the Big Tex I remember! Here he is in 1975.



Below is a picture of Big Tex looking quite a bit older. Notice the graying hair and wrinkles? :(

Charles Williams httpcharleswilliams.me/Flickr