When you were a kid, how many times did you say "When I grow up..." Yeah, not quite a good as imagined by a 10 year old!  Yesterday a question popped up on Reddit asking "What was the biggest let down for you after becoming an adult?"

There were some great responses, but I bet we can get better responses from our listeners!!

Here are what some people said on Reddit:


-  You have to pay for EVERYTHING . . . even the stuff you didn't know about, like insurance.

-  You miss having an entire summer vacation. (I can really relate to this one!)

- The fact that I can't do anything I want. I really want a (insert expensive toy here) right now. Nope, not if I want to eat tomorrow. Not if I want to have a place to live.

-  Zits. You don't automatically stop breaking out. It's stupid. (Ugh!!!)

-  I didn't suddenly become astute or wise. I'm just a kid with more responsibilities and worries now.

-  Having your own house isn't as cool as it sounds.  The buying process is horrible, things are constantly breaking, and the whole thing costs a fortune.

- "I can have any kind of sugar cereal! I can have EVERY kind of sugar cereal! I can eat it every day if I feel like it!" One bowl later..."...Uggh. Next time, Shredded Wheat it is."

- You realize how much your parents did for you, what an INGRATE you were . . . and no matter what you do now, you can't fully make up for it. (So true!!)

Tell us your biggest disappointment when you became an adult?