I miss Blue Bell.

And summer is coming up meaning ice cream season will be at its peak, and we're probably going to have to endure the hot weather without good ole Blue Bell ice cream. But it won't be gone forever.

Blue Bell agreed to some steps with health regulators this week that will allow it to start making ice cream again.

Inspectors will be at the plant in Brenham regularly to make sure everything is progressing as it should.  There is also some rigorous cleaning involved, and Blue Bell will have to produce ice cream tubs during a trial period before it actually starts shipping them to be sold, just to make sure the listeria is completely gone. And Blue Bell has its own independent expert that will be there to help make sure the Cookies N Cream and other flavors are good for us.  Or at least not too bad for us.

When exactly will the ice cream be back?  They still don't know.  The company says, "as soon as possible," but there have been reports that it could be months.  Until then we can always buy another company's tub of vanilla and crush up Oreos in it and smother it in chocolate fudge.  Or bake a cobbler and stir bits and pieces of it into vanilla ice cream.

This may be a lot of work!  Hurry back Blue Bell, hurry back.