You are a rocker. Ya got the hair, the clothes and the attitude. But something just isn't right. Oh, wait! It's your dog, dude! Your dog just doesn't have the rocker style you want him to have. Bret Michaels is changing that.

That's right, now available at Pet Smart, Bret Michaels dog clothing and toys to give your pet the rock n' roll edge. Yes, I giggled a bit too but this is a pretty cool line of dog toys and clothes. How about a squeaky guitar dog toy or a rubber spiked ring. Oh, and the clothes, like the "In the Band" dog shirts in black or pink. My favorite? The rose dress with leggings.

Yes, it's a good little giggle, but people love their pets so what's the harm in giving them a little rocker attitude? Bret's Life Rocks Foundation gives to a ton of great charities from childhood cancer and diabetes to helping our service men and pets. So why not a pet toy and clothing line? Maybe Bret will make a cat line soon? ;)