Universal’s monster movie reboots are gaining traction, and with The Mummy set to relaunch the franchise next year, the studio has its eye on the next set of films in the classic monster cinematic universe. One of these is Bride of Frankenstein, which doesn’t currently have a release date, but does have a script penned by Jurassic Park screenwriter David Koepp. According to him, his version of the tale is all about female liberation.

Speaking with Collider about the latest Dan Brown adaptation Inferno, Koepp let slip a few details about his Bride of Frankenstein script.

I loved it. It’s one of my favorite scripts I’ve written in years because if you reimagine the Frankenstein story, it gets into so many issues of men trying to feel dominant over women. To create someone who then says, ‘You don’t own me,’ it becomes a tale of liberation. It was great. It was really fun, and I hope it gets going soon because I think it’d make for a great movie.

It’s a fantastic premise for a movie, and a great way to update it for modern audiences. When asked what his favorite part about writing the script was, Koepp answered:

How fun it is and how liberating it is. Narratively and stylistically to write a character who’s dead. She’s not a zombie. She’s a super-intelligent creature, but she’s dead, and that changes a person’s perspective

He’s definitely taking a Frankenstein approach to the Bride as well, making her a more sympathetic character rather than something monstrous like the Mummy. When asked about how Bride of Frankenstein would tie in with the rest of the cinematic universe, Koepp said:

You get some of both, and I think they’re figuring that out as they go. I was in touch with the other people who were making Mummy and in touch with Universal and getting a sense of what they’re doing, because they can’t be wholly different movies, but each one is characterized by the personality of its creature. So the stories are dictated by the creature. In ours, the Bride is essentially a sympathetic figure. This tragic, hunted figure. And obviously the Mummy is a very bad entity that must be stopped. That’s not us. The troublemakers are the ones who would try to control her. To answer your question, we’re all from the same tree, but different kinds of fruit.

Bride of Frankenstein is still in very early stages of development, but might star Angelina Jolie as the titular monster, which, given her sinister, otherworldly as Maleficent, would be absolutely perfect.