Oh My Gosh! Have you seen this video? This poor cat comes out of nowhere! This took place in France as a pilot is flying a glider like plane called an ultralight.

During the flight a cat all of a sudden appears in the frame of the wing. You got to hand it to the cat. I mean really! This cat is holding on good to the frame of this plane!

As  I was watching this video my jaw just dropped! I am actually appalled at the woman's reaction at seeing the cat. She just smiles the whole time. I think I'd be concerned about the poor little cat! I wouldn't be smiling and I'd probably be tying to grab hold of the cat so it wouldn't slip and fall! Maybe I'm just reading her face wrong and maybe she is concerned about the cat. Luckily, this video does have a happy ending.

Look for the cat to appear around :39. It takes awhile for the pilot an the passenger to see it but they do all land safely at the 2:10 mark.