If you have a cat then you know they are really superheroes disguised as sweet fluffs of fur, but now there is proof.

This video shows off their special powers. Just like our favorite super heroes, cats have a lot of the same talents. Cats definitely have the speed. Other super powers include strength, elasticity, super hearing, jumping, mind control and invisibility. Yes, that's a definite. My cats are able to totally disappear when it's time to go to the vet and if a child walks into our house. On those two types of occasions, I can't find my cats to save my life! They just totally disappear.

Oh, but my favorite cat super power? Their ability to seeing into other dimensions. Yes! How true is that? What do they see? How many times have you caught your cat staring at something, but you look and there is nothing. Not even a little itty bitty speck of dust. I've always heard from loads of people that cats can see spirits. Who knows maybe they do?