Do you watch Celebrity Apprentice? I've watched it for years, but this season? I have held my tongue for as long as I can! I am appalled at Lisa Lampanelli's behavior!

Each week, on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, she lays into a vicious fit on someone. Most of the time is was Dayana Mendoza, but Arsenio Hall has been on the receiving end as well.

Then in the board room she breaks down and cries, because she so passionate. Oh give me a break! She's a bully! I guess some bullies never grow out of it.

Talk about some major anger problems! Plain and simple Lisa Lampanelli is verbally abusive. She talks about how her staff loves her, more like scared to death of her. There is no excuse, in my mind, to act this way. Sure, we all lose our temper from time to time, but this is a consistent behavior pattern.

Below is one of her outburst. Seriously, would you hire her?

and another...