This video is a reminder that children are a must in a wedding! When my husband and I got married over 16 years ago, I had a friend tell me not to have children in a wedding party because they will do the unexpected.

Well, that is exactly why I did have my niece, Sarah, as my flower girl. She was only 5 at the time and she brought a wonderful innocence and humor to our celebration! My sister, Karen, who was my maid of honor had realized, right before walking down the isle, that she had a watch on that she didn't want to wear during the ceremony. She quickly threw it under the flowers in the basket Sarah was about to carry.

In the middle of our ceremony, Sarah got bored.  So, she did what any child would do, she started looking in her basket. Well, of course she found the watch. The honest child that she was, she took the watch out and tried to give it to the priest. He gently waved and nodded to her not worry, but she did. She tried again, but this time interrupted the service with ..."But Father, It's not MINE!" All of us began to quietly laugh. The priest gently took the watch from Sarah and said thank you. I loved it! It gave me a chance to catch my breath and not worry about repeating my vows perfectly.

So, yes if you have a child in your wedding expect the unexpected and enjoy it!

Check out this video of a flower girl as she picks up every flower that the older flower girl ahead of her drops.

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