These guys are pretty brave to be trying some of these vegan delights, since most of everyone else hasn't even made the attempt yet.

Tyler Mueller's YouTube channel doesn't have any other videos like the one he posted recently with these so-called "cholos" tasting and trying pre-packaged vegan snacks and drinks.

The difference between vegan food and vegetarian food is that in order for a food to be considered "vegan," it has to be that not only is the food not meat, but no animal labor or products could have gone into the production of said food. Honey is technically not vegan because bees work to make it.

Most of us have heard the term "cholo" before, (maybe on TV) but after looking it up, it's a Latin American with Indian blood. These guys seem pretty tough, so I guess they thought they could handle something as simple as vegan food.

Check it out for yourself.

Are you a vegan? What kind of meals are your favorite to prepare, and how hard is it to keep up in an area like East Texas with the smell of BBQ filling the sky on an almost nightly basis?