Catch Colbie Caillat performing her latest song "Brighter Than The Sun" on the Disney Channel Sunday evening at 6:30p on So Random! Colbie will be playing herself as she performs. Catch a sneak preview thanks to ET after the jump.

Don't look for her to start up an acting career any day soon. Colbie's not looking to branch out and tells ABC News Radio

People keep trying to talk me into it."

I think she's a little like me because she says never say never.

Who knows, maybe in the future, I'll try something small. But I [really] love writing, and the music side of [the business]."

Colbie is currently on the road performing songs from her latest album All Of You and will be in Dallas at the House of Blues on October 20th.

Watch Colbie's lastest video after the sneak peak of her appearance on So Random!