Celebrities set the stage when it comes to fashion and here lately it seems that the heels on your shoes are getting higher and steeper. With that increase in height and angle I'm sure it's putting more pressure on those precious little toes that are scrunched into the toe of your high heels. So instead of accepting the pain that comes with higher heels, some ladies are turning to doctors for help.

Some women have turned to doctors for dermal filler injections for their toes, heels and balls of their feet. The procedure eliminates the common burning sensation that comes with wearing high heels and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Doctors use collagen and has little side effects and can last about 6 months. The procedure has been around for some time but has nearly doubled over the last year.

Just remember, if you go to have this procedure done, make sure the doctor is licensed for the procedure and it is done in a safe environment.

So have you ever had this injection so that it makes wearing your heels more comfortable? Or is all this going a little bit too far?