Are you looking for a really, really cool Halloween costume? Halloween will be here before you know it. I found this great idea and it's pretty simple. You'll look like you have a hole in your stomach. Eww, gross. Yeah, perfect for a Halloween party.

Well, this is pretty simple if you have two iPads or tablets lying around. That shouldn't really be that much of a problem considering just about everyone has one iPad. You can always borrow someone's iPad or tablet for the second one. Heck, this would be great even with one iPad. The effect is awesome.

Basically, all you do is get a shirt and cut holes in the front and back. Smear some fake blood around the holes. Then take the devices and tape them on the inside of your shirt with the screens facing outward on the back of the shirt and on the front. Next you just start a video chat between the two devices and Voila. It looks like you have a gaping hole in your stomach. You'll need WiFi to do this trick and I bet you win best costume. You're welcome :)

Check out the video below by Mark Rober for all the details.