When it comes to buying gifts for the holidays, it's all about saving money and finding the best deal. If you don't like fighting the 12m or 4a crowds during the Black Friday rush, then today's your day to save money while shopping online (while ya work!)

Many retailers are offering deeper discounts than their traditinal Black Friday sales.

There are quite a few online sites that have combines all of the best sales onto one site for you to check out. Among those sites are:


Of course the usual suspects will give you good deals too:


Cyber Monday is a relatively new shopping "holiday" - it all begain in 2005 and has grown ever since. In 2006, onlines sales on Cyber Monday totaled $610 million and now it's more than a billion dollars in just one day. To entice you to buy these online deals only, many retailers offer free shipping too!

If you're shopping at work, just watch your back. Your boss may be watching, not to tell you to get back to work but to get in on your savings! Happy shopping!