Oh man, I'm so sad about ... Desperate Housewives! Not only is the last season winding down, but they killed off the nice guy? Yes, maybe I'm being a bit silly but I've had a Sunday night date every week with my T.V. since 2004. In fact, for the past 2 seasons I've actually recorded D.H. and have waited til Monday or Tuesday to watch it so I could have a bit longer to look forward to a new episode! With this being the last season, (excuse me while I grab a tissue) we are seeing crazy and unexpected plot lines. But this?

Sunday night I did my "usual" and recorded the show. Then my friend Jessica messages me "OMG did you watch Desperate Housewives? I'm crying. Waaa!"  Oh no, that can't be good.

I watched it the next day and well...at least I'm not the only one feeling a little down. The internet was buzzing over this week's episode with the much beloved Mike Delfino being killed off.

"So they killed Delfino on Desperate Housewives.The goodlooking plumber with the heart of gold a 9-yr old kid.I officially hate the show now," Chachi Chatters said.

Seana wrote, "Dear writers of Desperate Housewives: of all the people you could have killed off, you pick Mike Delfino? Not impressed. At all. #badcall."

ChirpTeam wrote, "Cannot believe Mike Delfino was the one to die... honestly, don't the writers KNOW THAT HE IS ONE OF THE MOST LOVED CHARACTERS?"

And fan Bernadette T. Reed seemed to take it all extremely personally when she tweeted, "Mike Delfino dead on his front porch with a huge bullet in his chest ! Terrible! I am in shock all day now! everyone will KNOW this horror!"

And now just 5 episodes left. I hate the ending of a great show. I remember the depression when other great shows come to an end like Seinfeld, Friends, Thirty Something and X-Files. Yes, life will go on. A new show will take it's place, but until I'll just go ahead and be a little sad.

via 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Walking Dead': Fans react to deaths - latimes.com.