Ever seen a Chupacabra?

A couple near Houston last week thought they had trapped a Chupacabra that had a hairless back, big claws, and lots of teeth.   Was it?

The name means "goat-sucker," and the legend goes that the Chupacabra attacks cattle in Texas and drink their blood.  Every once in a while, wildlife biologists will get a call that one has been sighted, and they'll have to check it out, but the cases aren't ever confirmed.  And as NBC News points out, the animals that people think may be Chupacabras are usually coyotes with a bad case of the mange.

This one might actually have been a raccoon that had lost a lot of hair, according to wildlife officials.  But before the animal was euthanized, the story made the rounds across the internet that Texas might have nabbed one of those elusive and legendary critters.  Nope! Not yet anyway.

Wildlife officials don't think Chupacabras exist.  But the hunt for one does sound like a good idea for a reality show.