Great, out of all the things in life that we are probably doing wrong for one reason or another, now I find out I'm holding my wine glass wrong too?

Actually, a friend had told me this a while back but I kinda just thought he was being silly. Turns out he's right. We are suppose to hold our wine glasses low on the stem close to the base of the glass.

It's not like we will get a ticket or we are breaking any kind of law, but the reasoning on this does make sense. Two reasons to be exact. The first is because it is cleaner. No fingerprints on the glass itself.  The second reason is the wine will stay at the correct temperature. Think about your body heat and your hot hands. Of course my hands are always freezing so maybe it wouldn't be a problem for people like myself.

They say you can also hold the glass by pinching it at the base. It looks kind of strange and the klutz that I am, I better not hold it that way. Oh, and those cool hip stemless wine glasses? My friend told me that the real wine connoisseurs say those are a big no no.

You can check out more information and some pictures as well at the Wine Folly website.