Facebook is a way to express yourself. We update our friends with a status, a picture, comments and likes.

Now, you might want to think twice before you hit that "like" button on Facebook, because it could cost you your job!

A judge in Virginia ruled recently that a "like" on Facebook is NOT protected by the 1st amendment!

According to Mashable.com:

The case before Judge Raymond Jackson was this: a local sheriff had fired six of his employees, some because their actions "hindered the harmony and efficiency of the office," according to the New York Times. One of those employees, it turned out, had clicked the Like button on the page of the sheriff's political opponent.

He said the Like button isn't the same as expressing yourself verbally. It's not free speech, in other words. It's just clicking a button.

"Simply liking a Facebook page is insufficient," the judge wrote. "It is not the kind of substantive statement that has previously warranted constitutional protection ... For the Court to assume that the Plaintiffs made some specific statement without evidence of such statements is improper."

Watch for this ruling to be appealed. Can you imagine the Supreme Court ruling on that lil' blue thumb?

via Facebook Like Can Get You Fired, Says Judge - Yahoo! News.