This is getting out of control! We've heard of divorce parties and divorce rings, now there is The Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands, where you check in on a Friday and leave Sunday with divorce papers in hand.

Actually, it's not that bad of an idea. Even though the hotel offers luxury accommodations, it's not a casual experience. Couples go through extensive interviews and counseling with a mediator instead of a lawyer.

“If the marriage can be saved, we always tell people they are at the wrong address at the divorce hotel,” said Marie-Louise Van As, a lawyer who works as a mediator at the Divorce Hotel.

She notes that the three-day hotel stays are not a vacation. There are checklists, homework she calls it, that the couples have to do ahead of time.

The Divorce Hotel was founded by Jim Halfens and he plans on expanding The Divorce Hotel to Germany. Halfens has his eyes set on the States and other countries too, but with different countries having different divorce laws, right now it is only available in the Netherlands.

via Breaking Up at the Divorce Hotel in Holland | PRI's The World.