I was on an airplane earlier this month, and I noticed one other woman holding a hard copy of a book besides me. The rest of the passengers were reading on Kindles or other e-readers.

You guys and your fancy gadgets and e-readers. That's one area of technology that I just haven't embraced.

Which do you like best? Anybody old school like me?

I think I steer clear of e-books because reading is relaxing (in fact it puts me to sleep after half a page sometimes), and after looking at screens all day the last thing I want to do is focus on another screen and try to make sense of it. But the e-reader does have the advantage of not revealing the title of the book you're reading and that's pretty cool. It keeps the snoopy Sallys from getting in your business.

Here's my current stack. I'm a few pages into two of them, as you might be able to tell by those papers sticking out of them in the pictures. Two things I've learned about myself writing this blog; I really need a bookshelf to get them off the floor of my master bedroom, and I need to mix in some dreamy romance novels with all of that inspirational stuff.

I've been through The Secret, and Unglued more than once. My goal is to have the rest done by Christmas. And maybe by then I'll cave and ask Santa for a Kindle.