The weather today will be gorgeous.  The National Weather Service says the high will be around 70 and it should be sunny.  What a perfect fall day!

But then the changes come.  The highs will still be in the 70s on Thursday and Friday, but the chances of rain and thunderstorms will be there, with a 70 percent chance of rain on Friday. Then the big shift happens.The big changes happen on Saturday, with temps falling into the 50s, and again, a chance of rain and thunderstorms.  Sunday's high will reach 53 and it should be sunny.

Next week is a big travel week with Thanksgiving coming up, and so far so good where the weather is concerned.  The temperatures will stay cool, but it should be dry for everyone hitting the road during the first half of the week.

If you're out buying the Thanksgiving groceries this week and this weekend, you may need an umbrella.