Doctor Who Title Sequence Concept from Billy Hanshaw on Vimeo.

Billy Hanshaw is a huge Dr.Who fan from the U.K. He didn't want to wait like the rest of us to see the Season 12 Doctor Who Title Sequence. Since he does commerical for a living he just went ahead and in his spare time...made his own.

This is Mr.Hanshaws explanation of what we are seeing:

'First section is the Doctors watch, and we fly inside. The journey through the cog-wheels end with our exit through the untempered schism. And into an escher-esque timey wimey never-ending clock face (a metaphor of time travel and the time vortex).

Our journey catapults us through the vortex into a void where the seal of Rassilon is drawn in aged metal, which is accompanied by the Doctor Who logo, with some subtle embellishments. The seal of Rassilon burns away, reminding us of the Doctor's disdain for the Time Lords; revealing the new Doctor's reflection in the back of the watch which then tumbles away to the black hole in the distance. (This section could have done with a better shot - but seeing as I don't know Mr Capaldi's press agent this one had to suffice)'

The actual producers of the show like it so much they are going to incorporate if not outright use most of the opening that he created. I think he just won the Dr.Who superfan award!