Ever tried to make your own toothpaste?  I would imagine it's not easy.  That's why we usually leave it to Crest, Colgate, and Aquafresh.

Some Lufkin science students have become toothpaste experts, and made their own!

You might think you'd have to be a high school chemistry student to grasp the toothpaste-making concept, but it's actually Lufkin fifth-graders that have mastered the art.

KTRE reports fifth graders at Brandon Elementary developed a class recipe using baking soda for cleaning, Zero calorie sweetener to rid the bitter taste, and calcium carbonate to neutralize acids.  The average toothpaste contains about twenty ingredients, according to the story, but the elementary version contains only six.

You know what the toothpaste is called?  It's appropriately named Panther Paste.  Does the school district have a manufacturing and marketing program?  If so, the toothpaste could be a big hit in Lufkin.