How many actors have you met in your lifetime? How many voice actors would you recognize if you passed them in the streets? East Texas is home to one such talented individual, and his name will soon be in households all over.

Joshua Passmore is a professional voice actor with over 200 different character voices. He performs variants to well known characters, and has a medley of original characters you're bound to get an ear for.

Josh has even performed every voice to every character of the upcoming video game. Voice acting isn't for everyone, but Passmore has the tools and the talent. He's able to audition for roles all over America simply by going in to the recording studio, and reading from scripts that are sent to him.

Check this out! Joshua even gave us a sneak peek at some character models for an upcoming animated short made by Studio Izune.

Pretty soon, you'll be hearing his voice in games and animated movies, and you might not even know it's him until you wait for the credits. Passmore is currently working on other titles, such as 'Club Wired," and animation where he plays a latin singer, and "Tails of Mirorder," an upcoming video game. Needless to say, Joshua is keeping pretty busy.

He's recently been cast in an upcoming live action movie titled, "The Runners," Producers Micah Lyons and Joey Loomis cast Passmore as a character named Xavier. "The Runners" is a more serious action movie, and a bit different than his normal voice acting roles, but as Joshua tells us not only should you say yes to working, but this particular movie might be important to show the darker side of Texas.

Even when you've made it to where you thought you wanted to be, you can't just quit. Even your final goal should be just another stepping stone to another goal or aspiration. You should stay hungry and always want to work."

Also, I want to help bring to light a problem that isn't really talked about much in Texas, which is sex trafficking. We share borders with another country where people are abducted all the time and this movie will help bring awareness to this problem."

This movie sounds intense, and Joshua Passmore seems like a talented force to be reckoned with. Keep your ears open, because you might be hearing and seeing him a lot more. We'll try to get him in studio for an interview, but until then, you can follow him on the social media and on his website