We all love to save money. This video actually has some great tips I have never heard about before.

This covers different ways to save money, from getting more life out of your remote control batteries to making your own house cleaner and fabric freshener sprays, to saving a lot of money on your water bill. The water bill hint is my favorite and I've seriously got to try this one out.

Here are some other great money and energy saving ideas from justenergy.com:

  • De-wrinkle your shirt in the shower
    There’s never a need to waste energy on an iron when you use this cool hack from StyleCaster. If you have a wrinkly shirt or dress, hang it up in your bathroom when you take a shower. The steam will help straighten out an unkempt garment in about 10 minutes. You’ll want to get it as close to the steam as possible without actually getting it wet. Also, keep the bathroom door shut so the steam stays in the room.
  • Use a towel for weather stripping
    We found this hack by The Art of Manliness that’s perfect for apartment dwellers. If you can’t make any changes to your apartment, you can use a rolled up towel as weather stripping. Press rolled up towels around leaky windows or doors to prevent a draft in the winter and keep your warm air inside.
  • Stop phantom energy with a power strip
    Electronics, such as game consoles, still use power when they’re in standby mode. These secret energy wasters can account for up to 10 percent of all power consumption in the United States. Together We Save offers this simple—but genius—trick for stopping phantom energy. Just plug your devices into a power strip. You can turn the whole thing off when you’re not using your devices. That way you don’t have to unplug each one and can maximize your energy savings. If you’re willing to spend a little money, opt for a smart power strip, which can automatically shut off power to an unused device.
  • Plant trees to keep your home cool
    There’s an environmental and aesthetic benefit to planting trees in your yard, but did you know it could also save you money? According to Organic Gardening, planting trees on the south or southwestern side of your home can help cut your energy bill—by as much as 25 percent! The trees shade your home from the sun’s beaming rays, so you’ll have less heat in your home and your air conditioner can work less.
  • Pitch ceiling fan blades at 12 degrees
    If you want to save on cooling costs, try this tip from CeilingFan.com to ensure you’re getting the most out of your ceiling fan. Make sure your ceiling fan blades are pitched 12 degrees to maximize your airflow and keep your home cool. Anything more will make the fan motor work harder. Anything less will reduce airflow.