Seems some women will stop at nothing for beauty. Now it's all about getting beautiful full eyebrows like Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian. There is a procedure for it and it's gaining popularity.

Eyebrow transplants! It's a pretty simple task, transplanting a 400 hair follicles from your head to your brows. The procedure takes about 2 and half hours and will set you back around $8,000!

Oh yeah, there is always a "but" isn't there? Since the hair is from your head, it GROWS like the hair on your head! Yikes!

The New York Post interviewed Jana Jordan, who went through the transplant last year. It was a success, but she said:

“My eyebrows grew and grew and, by six months, I had this old grandfather look going on!” says Jordan. “I was too scared to cut them, and it took a lot of courage to finally do it!”

Oh my! That can't be good! Why does Little Red Riding Hood keep coming to mind? "Why Grandmother! What big, long and hairy eyebrows you have!"

via Next big beauty trend: $8,000 eyebrow transplants? - The Look.