Hey Facebook, I got two words for ya, STOP IT!

Facebook just can't leave it alone. Our Timelines will change a bit soon, with a return to tabs, no more thumbnail pictures for "Friends," "Photos" or "Map." Yeah, just when you got used to them!

Last month they were testing putting all our posts on our profile pages into a single column. That change hasn't happened for everyone...yet.

Not only a few changes are coming to our Timeline. They also are going to test out a service. This service will charge users $1 to message someone that is not on our "friends" list. This might not seem like a big deal, because how often do you message someone that is not a "friend"? But, I have received messages in the past from people that aren't on my friends list, asking a question or trying to find out if I am an old classmate. I've sent some to trying to find a relative that I've lost contact with.

Basically, Facebook is trying another way to get our credit card numbers.

According to CNet.com:

In October, for instance, it started letting people pay $7 to promote a post. And earlier this month, it opened up Facebook Gifts to all U.S. users and added a range of new retail partners so that users can send friends everything from wine to clothes from BabyGap -- provided, of course, they enter a credit card.

Why can't they just leave it alone! I know "change" is the only constant. Just seems like  Facebook employees have got nothing to do, so they sit around a big round table making paper airplanes and think of ways to mess with us!

via Facebook's $1 messages: one more way to get your credit card | Internet & Media - CNET News.