Have you noticed your friends on Facebook posting this weird little privacy notice in their status? It's running amuck, and it's a hoax.

Funny how these things spread like wildfire.

Well, don't worry! It's a hoax. Yep, someone is laughing and feeling pretty special that their little hoax is giving people a scare and the feeling of protection just for posting this to their status. Don't feel bad if you believed it, your not alone.

Your privacy rights on facebook are the same as when you signed up and clicked that little "i agree."

To set the record straight on this hoax please go to snopes.com! Then book mark this site! Snopes has debunked many a hoaxes! Whether the scam or hoax is from email, text message or Facebook, you can always check this site out to easy your mind!
If only the people that started these thing could do something useful with their lives!