Have you ever looked in your "Other" folder on Facebook? Did you even know you had an "Other" folder? It might be hiding messages you want to see!Did you know that Facebook filters messages you receive from other users on the site? If they're not in your friends list, their messages automatically get sent to your "Other" folder.

To take a look at yours, go to the Facebook homepage, and under "News Feed" on the left hand side, click "Messages." Then, in the top left corner of the page, just under the logo, you'll see "Inbox" and "Other." Click on "Other" and take a look!

Think of the messages you're missing! This article from The New York Times talks about missed opportunities for tickets to plays, concerts, and basketball games, folks trying to return found wallets, old friends trying to reconnect, not to mention people asking each other out on dates or sending job offers. Invitations to weddings, baby showers, and funerals were sad to see, too.

Facebook says the whole thing is meant to filter out spam. That's important, but I don't think it's worth missing out on all these other messages, do you? Go check your "Other" folder today, and let us know if you missed any really good messages!