Oh my GOSH!! Ok, after hearing about this, if you're looking for a boost on your back side like J-Lo, be sure and check your doctor's credentials! A "doctor" was arrested in Florida for, get this, administering booty-enhancing shots made of cement, super glue, mineral oil and Fix-A-Flat! Above is the police photo the self proclaimed doctor Oneal Ron Morris.

The Miami Herald reports:

On Friday, Miami Gardens police finally caught up with the elusive “doctor,’’ a transgender woman whose own butt is the size of a truck tire. Investigators suspect she is part of an underground network of scam artists who have been offering “pumping parties” and home buttocks augmentations across South Florida for years.


It’s not clear whether Morris was a victim of her own concoctions. Even though the picture is humorous the story is horrifying.

The victim paid $700 for a series of injections. She told Morris to stop the injections because of the pain.

Twenty-four hours later, she was still in pain and began suffering flu-like symptoms.

She first went to Jackson North Medical Center in North Miami-Dade. The doctors looked her over, but were somewhat perplexed by her symptoms. She was afraid to tell them what she had done and left before they finished her exam. She then drove to North Shore Medical Center, where doctors also were mystified.

She again left before being treated and returned home. She unsuccessfully tried to reach Morris for several days.

Almost two weeks later, the victim’s mother saw a news report of a similar victim being treated at a hospital in Tampa.

With her daughter still sick, she drove her to Tampa General Hospital, where doctors treated her for what they believed was a staph infection. She finally told them what she had done and one of her doctors desperately tried to reach Morris to find out what was used so that they could treat the woman.

The good news is the woman is recovering. The bad news is we are a society looking for perfection and think that surgical procedures are a safe and easy way to find it.




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