I think everyone has been showing off their Facebook 'A Look Back' video they rolled out this week to celebrate Facebook's 10th Birthday. Looks like Facebook has listened to the critics!

Some have complained (myself included) that we had no control over the photos that the video grabbed from our profiles. Well, good news!

Facebook is working on an edit button!

According to TechCrunch a Facebook rep said:

“We will be launching an Edit feature soon that will allow people to change moments in their movies or update the ones they shared. I don’t have exact timing at the moment, but this will enable people to remove a post from the movie that was pre-selected and change it to a different one.”

Looks as though this edit feature was suppose to be there all along from their help page. I guess those corporate deadlines came to soon for it to be finished properly.  Let's keep an eye out for this one!