September is Hunger Action Month and all month long My 94-7 and the East Texas Food Bank are bringing awareness to one of the silent problems that's plaguing us right here at home. Each day hundreds, if not thousands, of East Texans go hungry because there's no food in the pantry to eat. With your help we can end this problem in East Texas before it becomes an epidemic. Find out how you can help after the jump.

My 94-7 and the East Texas Food Band present 30 ways in which you can help in 30 days and today I had the opportunity to speak with Dennis Cullinane from the East Texas Food Bank and he offered up some ways in which we all can help end hunger in East Texas:

You can also help by purchasing pre-packaged bags of food too:

If you want to volunteer and help out Dennis lets you know how to do that:

Also, I spoke with Scott Bradford from the Ozarka Natural Spring Water company and they are helping end hunger by:

It's a big task, but if we each do our part we can help end hunger right here in East Texas.