The fireworks stands have suddenly popped up everywhere across Angelina County and all of East Texas. It’s the law that fireworks can only be sold between June 24 and July 4th, so that draws a crowd of stands in a short time. Now is the time to buy.

Unless of course, you’re like me and you have dogs that are traumatized by the noise and you kindly decide to spare them some time under the bed and a potential heart attack. Then now is not the time to buy.

Only 83 of the 254 counties in Texas have burn bans in effect right now, and most of those counties with the restrictions are in West Texas. So fireworks are not banned on the whole, but most cities do prohibit them within the city limits, Lufkin included. You’ll have to drive way out to set them off, or just check out the public shows to satisfy your fireworks cravings.

The City of Lufkin and The Law Office of Mike Love will sponsor a fireworks extravaganza held at Ellen Trout Zoo next Wednesday the 4th at 9 p.m.

Happy Independence!