Alright, we heard it was going to happen, but we still thought "No, Really. He'll see the light!" but he didn't. Ben chose Courtney as his "forever" on The Bachelor finale Monday night. Then on After the Rose, we find out they are still together, well kinda.What did Ben say? Something to the fact that yes, they're together and in a good place. They just need to reaccess our relationship...? What? I'm thinking that if you have to "reaccess" your relationship then you might not be in a "good place".

So here are my 5 reasons why Courtney shouldn't have won the final rose...

1. Cattiness - Remember "I'm winning"?

2. She couldn't get along with other women! Oh, but she said she tried so hard. Um, yeah. Not a good trait if Ben has friends that are girls and oopsy daisy... his Mother and sister...they're women too!

3. Cattiness - Oh gee, did I already mention this? Remember "Winning, I have a rose. You don't ".

4. Skinny dipping and going topless - Sure any guy would love this, but it "seemed" to us viewers that it was all just done out of manipulation. Remember "Game over ladies" and "These girls just don't know what I'm capable of."

5. To be fair, Courtney did say that this show brought out the worst in her. Ya think? ;)

Now all that said, if by chance (the smallest itty bitty little chance) that they DO work things out and stay together? Then more power to them!

Here is a story from ABC Tuesday morning with Amy Palmer from She had predicted the out come of the show early in the season. In this interview she talks how she saw it coming.

Check out the video below for some pretty unforgettable scenes of Courtney and nice girls.