I love seeing these videos that let me know I've been doing something wrong, my entire life! Actually, at first I don't like to find that out, but then sometimes it's a good thing. 

This video shows some cool things. Who knew I was eating apples all wrong, but then again, I don't think I'll eat an apple like they say we should. Their technique at peeling an egg is interesting. They show the best way to peel a banana, which by the way, I peel bananas this way now. I love the idea of how to eat chicken wings. Only problem is, I think I'll forget this technique when I'm hungry. Oh, and I do love the trick in eating a Toblerone chocolate bar.

Other foods you might be eating wrong? According to Health, we aren't preparing some foods the right way. When I say this I mean the right way to keep the nutrition in a lot of different foods including:

Strawberries- Don't buy the ones that are already sliced. Supposedly, the action of cutting them starts a process that starts to deteriorate the vitamin C.

Broccoli- Steam it! By boiling or microwaving it will lose a lot of its nutrients.

Yogurt- Ya know that watery stuff on top when you open it? That is whey and it's good for you. Instead they tell you to just stir it in...I wonder if that's true for sour cream, too?

Check out the entire list here.